Why is the mobile POS the ultimate gift for retailers?

December 19, 2016
Mobile POS, mPOS, fast expedition and good service

Consumers expect a seamless shopping and customer experience, both online and in the physical store. With a mobile POS solution, retailers can meet these expectations and at the same time increase sales and shorten checkout time without allocating any extra resources to the store.

Mobile POS, mPOS, fast expedition and good service

With a complete retail management system with POS, ERP and credit card terminal on a smartphone or a tablet, the sales staff can check inventory, delivery times, customer purchase history and receive payments without leaving the customer to spend time at the counter.

Speedy checkout and great customer service

Mark Stewart Pedersen

“The tablet is cheaper and has a fancier checkout. Additionally, it is often easier to use. However, the mobile POS is not going to have a significant impact if it is merely used as an add-on to the already established checkouts. It is important to create an omnichannel set-up, where the staff has access to the complete retail management system that also holds the customer’s data and purchase history in order to provide great customer service on the sales floor”, says Mark Stewart Pedersen, NaviPartner’s CEO.

This is why and how the retailer benefits from the mPOS

The mPOS enables the retailers to offer their customers a whole new shopping experience with better service while at the same time increasing sales. Here is a walkthrough of a situation where the mPOS helps the sales assistant to deliver great customer service to a busy customer:

  • Martin has received a gift card to a chain of sporting goods stores. On his way to an appointment, he pops into one of the stores for a bit of inspiration.
  • Martin sees a pair of running shoes he likes, and since he a member of the store’s loyalty club, the sales assistant can look up his purchase history and check which size he usually uses in this particular shoe brand. The sales assistant can also check if his size is in stock at this particular store, or alternatively in one of the other stores.
  • Since Martin is in a hurry and doesn’t want to bring the shoes to his appointment, he decides not to try on the shoes, but simply have them sent directly to his home address, which is already in the system.  The store has a 30-day return policy, so he has plenty of time to return them, if, for some reason, they don’t fit.
  • Martins credit card information is also stored and encrypted in the system, however, this time Martin chooses to pay with his gift card, which the sales assistant scans right there on the floor. Payment and bonus points are instantly registered, and the receipt is sent to Martin’s email.

How to get a mPOS with NP Retail

According to Mark Stewart Pedersen it is easy to implement a Mobile Point of Sale solution with NP Retail. “All the retailer needs in order to implement an mPOS is a barcode scanner and a card reader for a tablet. Then the retailer downloads the app, which gives access to the complete retail management system including ERP, inventory, statistics etc. With this setup, he or she can manage the checkout with all relevant information from the floor. It makes it possible to look up inventory, check availability and accept payment without leaving the customer”, says Mark Stewart Pedersen.

He emphasizes that it does not require extra staff to make the POS mobile, but that the sales assistants might need to train their habits and adjust to the new situation of leaving the counter and approaching the customers on the floor instead.

POS on iPad and MacBook and mPOS

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