Why you should go for a cloud-based POS system

February 21, 2017
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A cloud solution leads to an easier, cheaper and more secure POS system for the retailer – and there are far more benefits than disadvantages. Here is an overview.

The number 100 with percentages written in red NaviPartners Cloud logo with a blue sky in the background

One store might be selling golf equipment, and the other kitchen equipment, but even though they stock very different items, they have the same needs when it comes to functionality and features in a POS system. Goods are moved in and out of the store and web store, they need to control inventory, create loyalty clubs, issue gift cards, and not least generate financial statements.

Why waste time, money and effort on developing and hosting a proprietary solution when you can get a smart standard solution? To Johnny Andersen, Key Account Manager in NaviPartner that is the very essence of a cloud-based POS system.

A cloud-based POS system is flexible, easy to manage and inexpensive

“A cloud-based POS system is not just a fancy notion – it is, in fact, a standard solution, developed specifically for the retail industry. You can compare it to Office 365, where you buy your product, download the app to all your devices, and the system runs on all platforms. The data is stored in the cloud, and you can access your data where you want when you want. A POS system in the cloud is flexible, easy to manage and inexpensive as long as you find the standard we offer suitable, and you trust that our solution is good”, says Johnny Andersen and highlights a range of advantages of the NaviPartner’s standard system.

Data – accessible and secure

With a cloud solution, you can avoid the nuisance of having a server stored in the basement, or having to find an external hosting provider. You are set up straight away and have instant access to your data from all your platforms, regardless of where you are, and when you log on. Also, the cloud is more secure than a hosted solution, and you do not need to worry about server capacity, backup, and daily operations. All data is saved and it never gets overwritten.

Always the latest version

If you have a custom-coded solution, the old solution gets overwritten with every update. And since only a few retailers know how to work directly with the code themselves, these updates can be a costly affair. Johnny Andersen has witnessed projects where an update to the system required around 3,000 consultancy hours.

When you have a cloud-based solution, you pay a fixed subscription fee, and the solution is updated automatically, so you always have the latest version. Microsoft continually updates Dynamics NAV, and so does NaviPartner – you can be sure that the latest Dynamics NAV features have been adjusted and included within one month after they are released.

Access to new features for free

NaviPartner welcomes suggestions for new features, and often these ideas are implemented and realized in the development department. The only requirement is that several retailers can use the new features across different industries.

“We are very open to suggestions, and many of our features have been created based on needs and wishes of our customers. For instance, we recently launched a new feature for managing shipping labels in the web shop, which works with all shipping carriers. It is a good example of the benefits of using the cloud-based standard solution.”

“Of course the retailer could have found a supplier for shipping labels, but he would then also have been responsible for the entire process of finding a supplier, negotiate a deal and pay us to mess with the code, which could easily have cost 15-20 hours. In this case, we saw that several customers could benefit from the function, so we found a supplier, we undertook the development, and now it is a feature in our standard solution. So, if you find that our system is suitable for your business, it can be an easy and cheap solution,” says Johnny Andersen.

Upcoming releases

NaviPartner continuously updates the standard system with new releases. Recently, an integration to the payment solution Adyen was added to the system, and features such as machine learning and integration with Apple Pay are on their way.

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