Windows 10 update – this is what you should be aware of

August 1, 2016
Smartphone and portable with WIndow home screen

Are you considering to update your PC to Windows 10? Then we would recommend you to read this post since the operating system does not support all printers.

Smartphone and portable with WIndow home screen

No support for COM and LPT printers

If you intend to update your PC to Windows 10 there are certain challenges in regards to your label and receipt printer you should pay attention to.

Windows 10 only supports USB and network printers. This means, that if you have a printer with a COM or LPT port, these will not work after an update to Windows 10.

In the pictures below you can see how COM and LPT cables look like. The picture on the left is a LPT cable while the picture on the right shows how a COM cable looks like.


All software from NaviPartner is compatible with Windows 10.

If your printers use one of the two above-mentioned cables, feel free to contact NaviPartner KAM. They will provide you with a favourable offer on the equipment you will need when updating to Windows 10.