WMS with RFID boosts inventory management

RFID technology provides optimal opportunities for speeding up your inventory management.

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    Streamline inventory counting with WMS with RFID scanning

    By means of an RFID scanner, you can count your inventory in minutes, obtain an overview, and minimize errors


    RFID technology strengthens customer service

    Increased inventory insight makes it possible to make all items accessible to your customers, no matter where or how they want to purchase


    Reduce inventory costs

    With accurate insight into your warehouse, you can reduce your inventory while omitting running out of popular items


    The exact location of your goods – also for theft prevention

    Use the technology for theft protection with insights on exactly how and when each item moves around the store.

Boost your inventory management processes with RFID

RFID (radio frequency identification is used to identify and register individual objects, such as items. The technology is controlled by radio waves communicating between a tag on the item and the RFID reader.

WMS with RFID can identify the location and the number of specific items within seconds. This enables you to count your inventory and your store very fast and to save many hours of manual work.

Additionally, the integration with the inventory management module in Business Central ensures that your inventory level is automatically updated.

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Inventory Management System

WMS with RFID transforms inventory management

When you replace manual inventory counting methods with automated, hands-free RFID technology, you can gain insight into and an overview of your inventory. Accurate inventory data ensures a fact-based knowledge foundation that helps you make the best decisions for your business.

The technology helps you spend fewer resources on storing and handling excessive inventory. You can avoid getting stuck with unsellable items that have gone out of style or are out of season. At the same time, you can react quickly if the demand for an item suddenly increases.

WMS with RFID strengthens customer service

Today, consumers expect to have a shopping experience with easily accessible information, instant customer service, and easy check-out. If your inventory management is unreliable, all items will not be visible on the floor and in the warehouse.

Increased inventory insight makes it possible to make all items available to your customers, no matter where or when they want to buy. At the same time, it provides the best conditions for good customer service when the sales staff can spend less time looking up item location and availability. When all item data available on all platforms, it is easier for your customers to locate where they are certain to find and buy the items.

Woman in clothing store is conducting inventory management with RFID
Pair of denim jeans is secured against loss prevention with RFID and WMS

Exact item location – also for loss prevention

It can be challenging to track loss in the warehouse and in the store. WMS with RFID helps you collect data about the items’ location and their journey from the time they are received at the warehouse until they leave the store. This insight allows you to prevent lost sales due to loss in the warehouse or the store.

Exact item location is also useful for anti-theft. When you know the location and movement pattern of an item, you will learn more about blind spots in the warehouse and in the store. With the exact time and location of an item’s disappearance, you can easily add a video recording to a report.

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