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Without the tools to efficiently provide visitors and seasonal cardholders with relevant messages throughout their entire customer lifecycle, you might miss out on opportunities to improve both customer service and profitability.

Marketing automation is key

With marketing automation, you can utilize your data in order to send personal, timely, and relevant messages to your visitors and season cardholders. To help our customers within the museum and attractions industry getting started, we have pre-established a framework in cooperation with Heyloyalty. The framework enables you to increase efficiency, customer service, and profitability in all channels.

Below you find a description of some of the opportunities with marketing automation.

Heyloyalty is a user-friendly marketing automation platform for e-commerce growth.
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Before, At, and After

Make sure that your marketing is extremely relevant. Real-time access and exit data allow you to identify customers that are “soon-to-visit”, “on-site” or “just left”. With these temporary segments, you can send SMS messages and emails to push call-to-actions promoting events or other add-ons only relevant before, at, or after the time of visit. E.g. offers in your shop or café based on entry time. Or perhaps, motivate purchases in your on-site store by sending voucher codes to visitors, who just left your gated venue.

Advanced segmentation

By consolidating all data from e.g. access statistics, memberships, retail transactions, and e-commerce, you are able to do in-depth segmentation. For instance, you might already know who of your members are male and female, or who have a family card, or who are elderly. But do you know which members seem to be restaurant-goers? Or who often makes purchases in your merchandise store? With advanced segmentation, you get deeper insights into your customer base.

Churn prediction and prevention

Identify members, that are at risk of not renewing their membership. To identify potential churners, we combine active membership data, with purchase and access data.

You can e.g. identify members that have only visited your location a certain number of times. With this insight, you can target potential churners with call-to-actions, that are tailored to inspire and motivate renewals.

Win-back segmentation

With historic membership and ticket-access data, you can identify members and ticket holders, who visited last season, but have not yet re-signed for a membership or bought a ticket in the current season. To win back the members of this segment they can be re-targeted by call-to-actions reminding them of past experiences, or you can consider offering discounts on similar services, like those consumed previously.

Retain and increase life-time-value of visitors and seasonal cardholders

We have built a standardized add-on solution that facilitates currently available data from NaviPartner’s Retail and Entertainment suite. The solution enables you to better retain and increase life-time-value of your visitors and seasonal cardholders, by providing them with relevant email and SMS messages throughout their entire customer lifecycle.

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