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NaviPartner delivers BC365 solutions within the boundaries of Microsoft’s SaaS and Cloud services. We recommend that you read about the Relation between Microsoft and NaviPartner in the bottom of this page.

Microsoft Service Level Agreement

Read Microsoft’s Lifecycle policy for rolling out updates, the policy for storing data and creating backups, process for incident management and more concerning the service level: Service Overview for Business Central Online

Microsoft Data Processing Agreement

Read how Microsoft safeguard individual privacy rights with the Microsoft Cloud to learn about essential General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) topics including how Microsoft 365 and cloud services from Microsoft help keep your organization compliant: GDPR Overview
Read about the specific policies, operational practices, and technologies that help you ensure the security, compliance, and privacy of your data across Microsoft services: Trust Center

Microsoft Customer Agreement

Read Microsoft’s General Terms and Conditions based on your country: Customer Agreement

Microsoft Online Service Terms

Read the licensing terms that define the terms and conditions for the software and online services products you purchase through Microsoft licensing programs: Product Licensing

Microsoft Software License Terms

Read the specific software license terms and license guide for Dynamics 365: Product Licensing – Dynamics 365

Microsoft offers a business management solution called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC365). The solution is license based and only provided to customers through Microsoft Partners. NaviPartner is a Microsoft Partner and can provide customers with BC365. Furthermore, NaviPartner has developed a series of Retail solutions that can be installed as BC365 extensions. Anyone, regardless of Microsoft Partner, can get NaviPartner’s Retail solutions.

NaviPartner as license & hosting partner

NaviPartner offers hosting in Microsoft Cloud Platform. The hosting environment is operated by Microsoft and Microsoft is solely responsible for terms and conditions covering up time, backup procedures, rollout procedures etc. NaviPartner assists with opening support tickets towards Microsoft if needed.
Hosting you Business Central 365 in Microsoft Cloud Platform gives access to third party applications from Microsoft AppSource. NaviPartner’s applications such as NP Retail and NP WMS are available on AppSource. NaviPartner can assist you with installing these as well as applications from other vendors, though it’s recommended that you reach out to those vendors for assistance with training and configuration.
All solutions hosted in Microsoft Cloud Platform must be up to date and compliant with Microsoft’s solutions. Any solution that is not updated and compliant will automatically be uninstalled from the environment my Microsoft.

External license & hosting partner

NaviPartner’s applications are available even if NaviPartner is not your Microsoft license and hosting partner. NaviPartner, or your Microsoft license partner, can assist you with installation of the retail extensions.

Hosting in Microsoft Cloud Platform

NaviPartner’s Applications are available on Microsoft AppSource. Please reach out to us if you need assistance with installation, configuration, or training. All NaviPartner’s applications are automatically kept updated and evergreen.

NaviPartner can only get access to your BC365 through establishment of Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP). A GDAP relationship is established through an invitational link sent by NaviPartner. The invitation link contains information about the duration of the relationship and which Azure AD roles that will be assigned to NaviPartner. A relationship is automatically terminated at the end of the duration and the process of establishing a new GDAP relationship must executed again. The maximum duration is 2 years. NaviPartner recommends using this maximum duration to avoid the administrative work around re-creating the relationship. The customer can terminate the relationship before end of duration through Microsoft Admin Center.

With NP Attraction Suite, your data is safeguarded to the highest standards
set by Microsoft, Infocert, and IAASB.

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