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Redefine the visitor experience with a solution tailored to the Attraction businesses.

The all-in-one solution for unifying ticketing, membership, access control, and event management.

NP Ticketing
Offer a consistent experience for visitors buying tickets online, at the entrance, or at a self-service ticket kiosk.
NP Member Management
Streamline and enrich memberships with various membership features and digital membership cards.
NP Access Control
Experience total control of visitor management, with NP Access Control. Streamline admissions and entry/exit registration for Museums and Attractions with ease.
NP Event Management
Create, monitor, and manage events while reducing the administration and coordination workload.

The traditional systems at museums, theme parks, zoos, and other attractions often lead to long queues, vague business perspectives, and disappointed visitors. Plus, they are missing out on the opportunity to build resilience and be ahead of the curve.

With NP Attraction solution, attraction businesses not only become future-proof, witness the surge in repeat visits, deepen the member commitment, and improve bottom lines, but guarantee a thrilling day out for each guest!

The ticketing solution we had before was ancient. The ticketing system and how we welcome our visitors are top-notch. With the ticketing system, ticket printers, and annual card machines we have reached the level of professionalism that we were looking for. Our visitors now get a fast, smooth ticketing experience that can hardly get any better. It just works.

Jens P. JeppesenDirector, The Øresund Aquarium

Today many visitors buy their tickets online, but they still have to enter via the access controls, so previously there often were long queues. That’s why we chose an easy and flexible solution, that we can activate when we get busy – which is quite often. The mPOS helps us ensure that our visitors have a great experience – both at events and throughout the rest of the year.

Susanne DanielsenTicketing Manager at Egeskov

Make ticketing simple
and efficient

Issue tickets both online and offline without worrying about duplicating tickets, bookkeeping, and ticket inventory.

Easily create and manage

Define and manage memberships and hold on to your members with personalized reminders. All while getting powerful data reports about user behavior.

long queues

Give visitors fast access with a complete solution for access control either through turn-stiles, self-service, or manned access control.

Effortless event

Create and keep track of the event while reducing the administration and coordination workload.

Enrich your memberships
with a digital card

Add new ways to interact with your visitors by offering a membership card stored in their mobile wallet.

Bring all your sales

Your online and offline ticket sales, memberships, and even cafe and souvenir shop sales – are all in one place, giving you a 360° overview of your business.

Now we know who is visiting the park and can use this knowledge to create efficient and targeted marketing campaigns. Moreover, our IT landscape has been completely streamlined with a system that is tailored to the entertainment industry and to our specific needs now and in the future.

Morten Palm AndersenSales and Marketing Manager, Tivoli Friheden

With NP Attraction Suite, your data is safeguarded to the highest standards
set by Microsoft, Infocert, and IAASB.

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