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In recent times, an increasing number of countries are implementing fiscalization to ensure transparency and facilitate the record-keeping of business transactions. NaviPartner is proactively staying abreast of this global trend. We are expanding our fiscal solutions to meet the specific demands of diverse local markets, providing ongoing support for both current and future users of our POS solution.

NaviPartner’s NP Retail is now fully compliant with the fiscal laws of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria

Whether you are a retail business looking for a cutting-edge cloud-based Point-of-Sale (POS) solution or a Microsoft partner aiming to enhance the existing solution portfolio with a retail solution tailored to the specific requirements of fiscal laws in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria, NaviPartner has great news for you. We’re delighted to announce that our NP Retail, a cloud-based POS solution, is now fully compliant with the fiscalization requirements mandated by the laws of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria.

Fiscalization compliance with Serbian fiscal laws

In compliance with the Fiscalization Law of the Republic of Serbia, NaviPartner has successfully developed and certified its NP Retail solution, ensuring full adaptation to the legal requirements of the Serbian market. The official certification date for our POS solution is 24 October 2023. Further details regarding our official certification can be accessed on the portal of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia.

This fiscalization supports various payment methods, including cash, mobile money, cards, vouchers, bank transfers and various cashless payment options. It also allows a combination of these methods. The selected payment methods at the POS are displayed on the fiscal receipt, along with the corresponding amounts for each payment method used.

For more information about our fiscal solution for the Serbian market, watch the video below. Note: The video is in Serbian.

The Serbian market: Prepayment invoice posting improvements

The prepayment feature has been adapted to support the requirement of Serbian fiscal law to post the issued and received prepayment invoices to transitional accounts, and not directly to the vendor’s and customer’s accounts. It is only when the final invoice is received or issued that the values from the transitional accounts are posted to the above accounts.

Watch our video and find out firsthand how the mentioned functionality works in practice. Note: The video is in Serbian.

The Serbian market: VAT report feature

In accordance with Serbian VAT regulations, it is necessary to store the data on turnover, carry out necessary calculations, and report how much VAT the company is required to pay to the Tax Administration (TA). This new feature gives you the option of easily forwarding such information to TA. Each time the invoices are posted, all the accompanying information is recorded in the POPDV report, as is legally required. The VAT report feature also provides the option of exporting the POPDV report that should be sent to TA in XML format.

Watch our video and find out firsthand how the mentioned functionality works in practice. Note: The video is in Serbian.

Fiscalization compliance with Croatian and Slovenian fiscal laws

From last month, our solution is also compliant with Slovenian and Croatian fiscal laws, which means that fiscalization is carried out in real time – transactions are sent to TA via an XML message at the moment of printing the fiscal bill. Fiscalized transactions will obtain a signature from TA that will be written on the fiscal receipt, and all transactions and signatures will be stored in Business Central.

As required by Slovenian and Croatian fiscal laws, customers will receive fiscalized receipts at the moment of their purchase. A fiscal receipt contains all the mandatory data defined by Slovenian and Croatian fiscal laws, and the Euro is the valid currency. Every transaction can be carried out with the payment methods that are defined by fiscal law.

The following processes and entities are supported:

  • Sales
  • Voucher handling
  • Discount applying
  • Returns
  • Cancellations
  • Multiple payment methods for a single transaction
  • Sales and returns in a single transaction
  • Receipt copies
  • POS out-of-order handling

Fiscalization compliance with Bulgarian fiscal law

Bulgarian fiscalization involves the integration of a certified fiscal printer for the Bulgarian market into the Point of Sale (POS) system. The POS system communicates with the fiscal printer to generate printouts for various processes.

Here’s an overview of the processes and functionalities involved:

  • Sales
  • Returns / Refunds
  • Cancellations
  • Voucher handling
  • Discount applying
  • Receipt copies
  • Extended receipts / Receipts with customer information
  • Cash In – Cash Out
  • Reports (X and Z reports, EJ (Electronic Journal) reprints, and Monthly Fiscal Memory reports)
  • Add and delete cashier

With this article, we have only scratched the surface of this topic, providing basic information about our fiscalizations for the Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and Bulgarian markets. If you would like to learn more about our fiscalization for these markets, feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

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