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In the first month of this year, we bring you great news in the field of new features of our NP Retail solution. Our product team released a new version of the NP Retail solution (NP Retail Version 18.0) on January 28, 2023.

In the continuation of this article, we bring you a brief overview of all the new features that we have added with this new version to make our NP Retail solution even better for all our existing and potential customers.

  1. GS1 coupons: Paper-based and paperless coupon standards
  2. Customer Display: Effective interactions with customers
  3. Take a Photo: Streamline your return process
  4. V4 POS balancing feature: An improved ‘End of Day’ procedure
  5. NP Power BI for Retail for sales analysis
  6. NP Retail & POS: 1-Wk Implementation
  7. Tap on Phone: Accept payments on-the-go

1. GS1 Coupons: Paper or paperless, consumers want convenient coupons

From their mailboxes to their mobile phones, consumers are looking for coupons everywhere, but convenience is essential. For retailers, it’s important to provide consumers with discounts that are easy to find and use. With this new version of the NP Retail solution, we introduced the possibility of using GS1 coupons. A GS1 standard is a system that connects a product with all its vital data, allowing trackability, workflow efficiency, and information sharing via electronic methods. Barcodes are used to store key information about a product or item to ensure they can be easily extracted.

A GS1 coupon is created by scanning, then used and archived at the end of the POS sale. We currently support a GS1 flat rate discount, but there will be more options in the upcoming product release.

2. Customer Display: Enhance your customer interaction and sales experience

Customers have high expectations — and if your business can’t meet them, they’ll leave you for your competition. If that sounds harsh to you, well, it is.

In the video below, we introduced a new feature added to our POS system called Customer Display. This feature is made for desktop POS units with multiple monitors, allowing for a customer-facing display. This will enhance your customer interaction and sales experience, allowing you to show media content to your customers, such as images, videos, or even a website, as well as the active item list and the totals as the items are being added. Moreover, if the second monitor supports touch functionality, it can be used to collect input from customers.

Watch our demo video below and learn more about this new feature first-hand.

3. Take a Photo: Streamline your return process with just one photo

In order to improve the return process, we added a new feature to our POS system called “Take a Photo.” With this feature, you can take a picture of products or documents related to the transaction. This will greatly improve the return process, allowing cashiers to attach images of returned goods, as well as transaction receipts.

Watch our demo video below and learn more about this new feature first hand.

4. V4 POS balancing feature: Close your day in the best possible way

With the new version of our NP Retail solution, we bring you great improvements in the field of the ‘End of Day’ procedure. In the following demo video, we introduced the updated balancing function for NP Retail POS units.

The balancing screen consists of the statistics and counting sections. When it comes to the statistics section, you can open the Overview, Discount, Turnover, Tax Summary, or display all statistic segments. Here, you will be able to see the overview covering the direct sales section, both direct sales and returns. The other transactions covered here are debts, rounding, and credit sales. In the Discount tab, a detailed analysis of the discounts used on the POS can be seen. Next, you have information on the turnover for the POS, represented through numbers, graphs, and a pie chart. Then, there is the tax summary tab, showing the amount owed to taxes. And lastly, the ‘Show all’ tab, with the breakdown of all of the POS statistics.

If you’d like to learn more about the counting section, check out the following demo video where we have detailed what this updated feature looks like in practice.

5. Microsoft AppSource: Power BI Retail Report for sales analysis compatible with Business Central

Our new app for analyzing sales activities is now available on the Microsoft AppSource portal. The name of our new app is NP Power BI for Retail.

Our Power BI Retail Report is an extremely useful tool for analyzing sales through multi-dimensional views and a detailed insight into business performance at the right time. The report is composed of 10 thematic units that cover the most important segments of business viewed through sales, costs and profit.

You can download our app for free on the following link and see for yourself all the great possibilities that our app can bring to your retail business: NP Power BI for Retail.

6. Microsoft AppSource: All-in-one cloud-based Retail & POS solution in just 1 week!

In order to better respond to the needs of our clients, we strive to continuously publish new offers of our consulting services on the Microsoft AppSource portal. The last offer that we published on this portal refers to the implementation services of our POS solution (NP Retail & POS: 1-Wk Implementation).

The main goal of this implementation project is to put into operation our NP Retail & POS application that fully supports your regular day-to-day sales activities, as well as to provide all necessary training required for the use of our retail system. Upon completion of this implementation project, users will be fully trained to use our retail solution independently. The main prerequisite for this implementation project is that you are already a user of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

You will get a full implementation of NaviPartner’s Retail & POS App to support your three retail shops. This offer provides your company with a comprehensive solution for managing retail operations. Based on our many years of experience in implementing NP Retail for our customers, the offer includes the training necessary to perform POS sales, as well as reporting, sales statistics, customization of retail prints and much more. If there is a need for further education, we are happy to help on an hourly basis.

More information about this offer, as well as the other offers that we have on the Microsoft AppSource portal, can be found on the following link: Microsoft AppSource.

7. Tap on Phone: Accept payments on-the-go or in-store

As the name itself says, the Tap on Phone feature turns a retailer’s smartphone or tablet into a contactless point of sale (POS) terminal that can accept payments from customers’ contactless cards or mobile wallets anywhere, anytime. This new payment solution moves away from traditional card machines by turning your smartphone into a card reader.

The only prerequisite for this payment solution is that both the payment and the receiving device have Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled. With just one mobile device, the seller is now ready to serve customers on a shop floor, at the table in a restaurant, at the ride in an amusement park, or when delivering a package to a customer. The benefits are endless, both for the sellers and the customers.

In order to introduce this new payment option, we joined forces with our partner Softpay and added the power of their solution to our NP Retail solution.

8. Do you happen to have a question? We have the answer!

As a company, we constantly strive to add new features to our solutions to make them even better for our existing and new customers. We hope that we have met your expectations this time as well. If you would like to know more about our new functionalities, please feel free to contact us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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