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We’re excited to share the information that at on 19 March 2024, our product team has rolled out the latest iteration of the NP Retail solution – NP Retail Version 32.0.

At our company, we dedicate substantial resources to expanding the reach of our cloud-based POS solution globally. Our goal is to tailor it to meet the unique fiscal regulations of various countries. With this latest release, our primary focus has been on harmonizing the NP Retail solution with the fiscal requirements of Belgium. Additionally, we’ve seamlessly integrated our solution with the Vipps MobilePay platform.

1. Fiscalization compliance with Belgian fiscal laws

Starting from Version 32, NP Retail is now fully compliant with the fiscal laws of Belgium. The fiscalization refers to the HORECA sector, encompassing Hospitality, Restaurants, and Catering services. Since 1 July 2016, regulatory measures have been enforced within the HORECA sector, mandating that establishments selling meals and merchants offering catering services must issue VAT receipts by using certified cash register systems.

For detailed information and operational guidelines, please refer to the following link: Fiscalization Compliance Setup – Belgium.

2. Migration to Vipps MobilePay EFT

NP solutions are now integrated with Vipps MobilePay. Vipps MobilePay is the most recently developed version of the MobilePay solution. While retaining all existing features, Vipps MobilePay now extends its functionality to the Norwegian market. Notably, it introduces a revised setup procedure. Its primary aim remains facilitating effortless in-store payments and employing static QR codes generated within the mobile wallet app.

For more information and operating instructions, refer to the following article: Setting up Vipps MobilePay integration.

3. Do you happen to have a question? We have the answer!

At NaviPartner, our commitment lies in furnishing the tools and expertise essential for thriving in the dynamic retail sphere. Embark with us on this journey of transformation, where the latest features promise to redefine your retail journey. Whether you have questions or seek deeper insights, our dedicated team is poised to assist you.

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