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Wide Selection of POS & WMS Hardware

NaviPartner solutions are cloud based applications that practically run on any hardware – PC, tablet or smartphone. However, we have tested and selected a range of POS & WMS hardware, that we recommend and offer as integrated components. If you need hardware to cover more specific needs in your retail or warehouse operations, we can likely accommodate that as well.

Hardware Support and Service

By purchasing POS or WMS-hardware from NaviPartner, you get tested and field-proven components as well as the option to buy support with troubleshooting, problem-solving via remote control and the option to loan replacement equipment. Most of our compoments come with a favorable warranty, and a well-oiled proces for replacement and/or refurbished components in case of hardware failure.

Ingenico Lane3000

Lane3000 supports contactless payments and mobile payments and has a compact design. The terminal supports all of Nets’ advanced add-on services such as e-receipts, card-based identification, gift cards, tourist cards, and in-store billing.

Ingenico Move3500

With Move3500, your stores are always online, regardless of what connection they use. It supports 4G, wi-fi, and Bluetooth and can also be paired with compatible tablets or cloud-based mobile checkout systems.

Verifone P400

The P400 is fast, and your transactions are at high speed. The terminal handles mobile payments, invoices, and partial payments, has a large and high-resolution display, while the terminal is compact and does not take up space at your checkout.

HP Engage One

Get your slim and user-friendly touch screen that provides you with a clear overview over transactions.

Zebra Wired Scanner

This handheld scanner is compatible with NP Retail and NP Entertainment. You can scan all bar codes with this scanner including 1D, 2D as well as electronic and printed tickets. The scanner can also handle loyalty cards.

Epson Receipt Printer

The Energy Star qualified receipt printer from Epson is integrated with the POS solution NP Retail and NP Entertainment. It can print up to 300 mm/sec with the option to print high-quality grey toned prints of logos and graphics on the receipt.

Cash Drawer

Get a till for cash storage.

Ingenico, Mobile Point of Sale

Experience full mobility with an iSMP payment terminal that is easily integrated with Android, iOS or Windows smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The terminal is equipped with a 1D and 2D barcode reader that supports reading various different barcodes. The payment terminal accepts card payments with chip, magnet stripe, and contactless payments.

Smartphone for mPOS

Galaxy XCover Pro from Samsung is a smartphone designed especially for front personnel in stores and warehouses. The unit is both robust and user-friendly – not at least due to the battery that can last a full workday without recharging. The device is ideal both as an MPOS with POS system and chip payments and for inventory management with scanning of bar and QR codes.

Epson Wi-Fi Receipt Printer

Do you make payments with a mobile payment terminal, but would like to print out receipts? If so, this Bluetooth Receipt Printer is the solution. The printer prints out the receipt of the payment, so the customer has the opportunity to return the item etc.

Adyen Handheld E285

A portable terminal with a large screen for ease of use, a field replacement battery for 24/7 service,and Beacon and Bluetooth technology to enable advanced customer journeys.

Adyen Multimedia M400

A countertop terminal with a large screen that can be used by both the shopper and cashier. Can be customized to display the line items of an order, rich media advertising, and surveys.

Adyen Portable V400m

A portable terminal with a built-in printer. It recharges using a base station.

Adyen Countertop P400

Our basic countertop terminal with a large touchscreen for display impact and ease of use, Beacon and Bluetooth technology enables advanced customer journeys, and full customization with rich media advertising and built-in audio.

Adyen Countertop V400c

A versatile countertop terminal with WiFi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth connectivity streamlines customer interactions. It supports custom branding, combines table orders and payment receipts, and can be pre-configured for each store. Simply unpack, charge, and it’s ready for use, from branded logos to loyalty sign-ups, surveys and NPS.

Zebra Printer for Price Labels

Print good quality labels for your jewelry with this easy to use printer from Zebra.

Zebra Wireless Scanner

This handheld and wireless scanner is compatible with NP Retail and NP Entertainment. You can scan all bar codes with this scanner including 1D, 2D, as well as electronic and printed tickets. The scanner can also handle loyalty cards.

Zebra Bluetooth Scanner

If you want to provide even better customer service by making mobile payments fast, you can benefit from this Bluetooth Scanner. The scanner is wireless and gives you the opportunity to quickly scan the item and barcode to your mPOS system.

Zebra Standalone Scanner

If you need a scanner that can print paper labels or bar codes on smartphones then this table scanner from Zebra is a perfect choice. It can scan all 1D and 2D bar codes, scan paper labels for smartphone coupons, loyalty cards on a smartphone, boarding pass and even theater tickets.

SpacePole Terminal Mounting

Make it easier and more convenient for customers to pay with the SpacePole mounting solution. The tilt function minimizes the need to move the terminal and the SpacePole can turn up to 210 degrees. The design stabilizes the terminal and is convenient for your customers.

Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop

Purchase this laptop from Lenovo if you need a solid computer to bring on the go. It is particularly popular for business use because of the long battery time and high level of security.

Stock Taking Scanner

This scanner is particularly well-suited for generating the balance sheet.

Complex Hardware Needs?

With more than 25 years experience of delivering hardware to retailers, museums & attractions as well as warehouse operations, NaviPartner stands as your reliable IT partner for hardware solutions.

NaviPartner solutions supports complex visitor-journeys as well as extensive supply-chain operations. Our Hardware solutions supports NFC, RFID, QR-code and much more. We also rent out stocktaking scanners.

Looking to go mobile (mPOS)?

All Navipartner solutions are cloud native and run on any iOS and Android device that meets our minimum requirements. If you have considered running mobile POS (mPOS) in your store or attraction – you can rest assured that all of your core operations extends effortlessly into your preferred mobile device.

Reach out to us today, to get our recommendations for a future-proof mPOS setup for your business.

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