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Do you know someone who is passionate about Formula 1, good beer, and the universe? We know one – our colleague Vanja! She is in her final year at the Faculty of Law, but she has been working in the IT industry since the very beginning. She worked for numerous startup companies, but today she is successfully building her career in the sales department of a multinational company such as NaviPartner.  These are just some examples proving that Vanja has made more crucial turns in her career than Formula 1 on the track. But that’s how it is when you like speed!

Meet Vanja Blagojević, a Business Development Officer at NaviPartner! We asked Vanja a few questions about her career, what’s the most challenging part of her role, what skills are necessary to succeed in the sales department and who she is outside of work!  Here’s what she had to say:

1. Can you tell us a little about your background? Can you describe your career path?

I like to say that my professional career began when I was 19 and started law studies. Joining one of the biggest student organizations called AIESEC played a very important part in shaping me as an individual and sparked a serious interest in the commercial aspect of business. I mostly worked at startups, where I got a chance to build companies with my teams and quit my comfort zone on a regular basis. Working on different things helped me understand my passion, which is helping businesses grow and expand to new markets.

2. Can you walk us through your typical day? What is it like to be a Business Development Officer at NaviPartner?

My primary area of responsibility is working with NaviPartner’s resellers and partners to facilitate the best service and solution for their customers. My day consists of communicating and managing all parties and making sure they have the resources needed to achieve their goals. Having in mind that businesses are very dynamic, and a lot of wins and problems occur on a daily basis, I can never know what my work day will look like. One thing is for sure: each day requires thinking out of the box and handling a new situation.

3. What’s the most challenging part of your role?

Staying organized. When you can’t plan out what your day is going to look like and you have a lot of ad hoc tasks, it is fairly hard to accomplish all assignments that are important but not urgent. This is why prioritizing is really important and can help you be as efficient as possible.

4. What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

Definitely getting to work with amazing partners and assisting them in helping their clients boost their business.

5. What skills are necessary to succeed in your role?

Being successful in business development requires mostly soft skills, communication being the most important one. Effective problem solving and thinking out of the box, together with sales and marketing knowledge works a charm. Once these skills are in place, you have a long learning curve to master the technical aspect of the product your company is offering.

6. What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career at NaviPartner?

If you’re looking to constantly learn and improve while working on great projects – this is the right place to be! Don’t be afraid to bring new ideas to the table as you will get amazing support from your peers.

7. What’s your favorite thing about working at NaviPartner? How would you describe the company culture of NaviPartner in three words?

My favorite thing is that I’m quite autonomous in my work and I get to work on a lot of different projects together with my colleagues. Our company culture is best described as transparent, team-oriented, and supportive.

8. Who is Vanja outside of work?

Very energetic and a talkative animal lover, trying to create exceptional experiences for myself and the people around me. I love reading books, listening to podcasts, traveling, spending time with my friends, and playing Euro Truck Simulator. If you want to talk to someone about formula 1, good beer or universe – I’ll be a great conversation companion.

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