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NP WMS hand-held RFID reader

Zebra RFD8500

By means of the RFID-reader, RFD8500 from Zebra, you can enhance mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones with technology for high-performance RFID-reading and scanning of 1D/2D barcodes for inventory and status counting.

You pair the reader with a Bluetooth-enabled device, and you are ready to go. Insert your device in the RFD8500 lead for a one-piece solution or place it in your pocket and use RFD8500 in standalone mode.

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Impinj xSpan Gateway

XSpan Gateway from Impinj is ideal for inventory management, loss prevention, and monitoring of dock doors in retail and supply chain. The solution simplifies the installation and management of RFID monitoring and reduces operational costs.

Install the reader overhead or on walls to automatically monitor inventory and track movements of products along a single axis. One reader can monitor up to 93 square meters. If you want to monitor a larger area you can extend the solution with more units.

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Warehouse with NP WMS RFID reader
NP WMS RFID reader in retail store

Impinj xArray Gateway

XArray Gateway from Impinj is an RFID reader system designed for large WMS solutions in retail and manufacturing. The unit provides monitoring of the location and movements of each product 24/7.

Place the reader overhead to monitor location and movements along two axes. The reader determines the location within 1,5 meters and monitors up to 139 square meters. If monitoring of a larger area is needed the solution can be extended with more units.

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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

Galaxy XCover Pro from Samsung is a smartphone designed especially for front personnel in warehouses and stores. The unit is both robust and user-friendly – not at least due to the battery that can last a full workday without the need for recharging.

Galaxy XCover Pro is very versatile, as it is ideal for inventory management with scanning of bar and QR codes, and as an MPOS with POS system and chip payments.

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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro
RFID printer

Zebra ZD500R

The table printer, ZD500R from Zebra, is small in size, but rich in features. The printer is ready for Link-OS, which makes it easy to integrate and manage. The automatic calibration reduces costs, waste, and roll changes.

The printer has code functions for UHF RFID, providing many options for usage such as tagging and tracking of items for inventory management in retail and manufacturing.

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Support for your WMS og RFID hardware

Our hardware is selected for you the gain the most of your WMS solution. By purchasing your WMS hardware from NaviPartner, you get support with troubleshooting, problem-solving via remote control and the option to loan replacement equipment.

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