Boost your WMS and operations with RFID technology

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Increase sales, improve operations and delight customers with 99% precise inventory data.

Different NP WMS hardware

    Automate inventory and status

    Get vital knowledge about operations and make decisions from accurate data


    Prevent shrinkage with NP WMS

    With advanced loss prevention, you gain heightened visibility into all loss events


    Streamline and speed up your supply chain

    Achieve complete visibility with an automated high-speed RFID system


    Visibility on all channels

    Improve your customer experience with live-data instore and online


    Present the right items on the shelves

    Ensure timely replenishment of items in high demand in the store.

Now available on Microsoft AppSource – 30 days trial included.

Get the app NP WMS from AppSource, and install it in your Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app guides you through installation, activation and configuration.

Connect your inventory with your sales channels

As a retailer, you operate in the dark if you don’t have accurate inventory data. With NP WMS you can connect your inventory management in Business Central with your POS solution and your online store and make every item visible across the supply chain, distribution centers, and sales channels.

This new visibility empowers you with observations instead of assumptions, actual data instead of estimates, and certainty instead of confusion.

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Inventory Management System
Customer receives their order

WMS with RFID strengthens customer experiences

Today customers expect a shopping experience with easy access to information, instant customer service, and seamless checkout. If your inventory data is uncertain and not trustworthy, all items in your store and in your warehouse will not be visible in your web store.

With improved insight into your inventory, you can make all items accessible to your customers, regardless of where they prefer to do their purchases. At the same time, sales assistants get the best tools to offer great customer service when spending less time searching and being confused about the location and availability of the items.

Utilize NP WMS for loss prevention

Tracking shink in the warehouse and in the store can be a difficult task. WMS with RFID helps you collect accurate data about the location of the items and their journey, from their arrival at the warehouse until they leave the store.

This insight gives you the opportunity to prevent loss due to shrink. When you know the location and movements of each item, you learn about blind angles in the warehouse or in the store. With accurate time and location for the disappearance of an item, you can easily add video recording to a police report.

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Pair of denim jeans is secured against loss prevention with RFID and WMS

Here you can use NP WMS

NP WMS hand-held RFID reader

Inventory counting with handheld devices

Warehouse with NP WMS RFID reader

Monitoring of dock doors and exits

NP WMS RFID reader in retail store

Within stores and warehouses

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