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We are extremely pleased to announce that NaviPartner has officially launched its NP POS Academy today. The Academy is a series of training videos that will enable users to become more competent users of Navipartner’s cloud-based POS solution, such as NP Retail.

To acquaint our readers with the story of our new POS Academy, we spoke with our colleague Vuk Nikolić, the Project Lead of the NP POS Academy. In this Q&A, Vuk gave us a lot of interesting and useful information about the Academy itself, what the users can expect, who the Academy is intended for, what the next steps are and much more. Here’s what he told us:

1. Can you give us more information about the NP POS Academy? What was the reason for launching it?

Our goal is to provide a centralized bank of training videos that can help train our clients and partners on the point of sale (POS) system of our NP Retail product. Being part of a growing organization such as NaviPartner, it will also enhance the internal training of new hires, thus freeing our more experienced resources and allowing for a more streamlined way of onboarding.

2. What is the main purpose of the Academy, and what are the goals we wish to achieve?

The main purpose of the POS Academy is to provide a standardized, comprehensive training program for its users. The videos will be based around a fictional company and will build upon one another, taking the viewer on a journey through all the necessary steps in POS operation and configuration. It will showcase some real examples and best practices, and its goal is to both demonstrate a way of configuration and inspire viewers to explore new ideas and options.

3. Who is the Academy intended for? Is it intended only for beginners, or can it be useful for advanced users of our NP Retail solution as well?

POS Academy will cover a wide array of topics about NP Retail, from very basic ones such as operating the POS register, aimed at the end users of our platform, to the very complex ones regarding POS configuration and setup for advanced users, such as system administrators. Since the videos are envisioned to tell a story, the beginner videos will be published first, tending to become more complex as the series progresses.

4. What are the key benefits for the users of the Academy?

It will, as I previously mentioned, provide standardized training for all users, but also help save time, allowing users to learn at their own pace and convenience.

Also, video-based learning is an engaging and interactive way of learning that can improve knowledge retention among trainees. This can lead to a better performance and increased productivity.

Lastly, its short video format provides bite-size information that is easy to consume and search, allowing users quicker access to specific information.

5. What kind of content can users expect from the NP POS Academy? Is access to the content free? How can users access the Academy?

All the POS Academy videos will be free, accessible in English language to everyone on the NaviPartner YouTube channel, as well as in the product videos section of Business Central. We plan to release new videos weekly, so follow our LinkedIn profile and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be up to date with the material.

6. What are the next steps when it comes to the NP POS Academy? Do we have any plans for the future?

Once the POS segment is completed, there are some plans to expand on other NaviPartner products, like NP Attraction.

We also plan to work with our partners to make POS Academy videos available in other languages. This content, however, will not be freely available and will be partner exclusive. Any partner interested in having POS Academy videos translated to their language can contact us and we will discuss the details.

All I can say for now is – stay tuned! A lot of interesting content is on the way.

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