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In order to respond to the growing needs of our clients but also to respond to new trends that constantly appear on the market, we invest a lot of our effort every day, as a company, to innovate and improve our cloud-based POS solution. Today, it’s our great pleasure to announce that our product team released a new version of the NP Retail solution (NP Retail Version 22.0) on 28 May 2023.

In this version, we focused on the new design of our NP Retail mobile app, introducing a completely new way of setting up our POS, but we also put a lot of effort into helping sales clerks get rid of tedious retail tasks by way of modern barcode scanning technology.

Here’s a recap of everything we’ve been working on over the last month to make our NP Retail solution even better for our customers. Let’s dive into our new features:

  1. MPOS actions for improved barcode scanning
  2. New POS Editor
  3. Export/Import Group codes
  4. New MPOS Layout

1. MPOS actions for impoved barcode scanning: Get rid of tedious retail tasks without any hassle

No matter what job we do, we always have some tasks that we dislike doing. Just as an accountant doesn’t enjoy filling out spreadsheets, store clerks also don’t like doing some tedious work such as tallying up when receiving goods. Although these are tedious jobs, both the accountant and the sales clerk are aware that performing these jobs is of a vital importance for the system to function. The point of these jobs lies in the fact that, if possible, they should be transferred to technology.

In order to help sales clerks free themselves from tedious tasks and focus on other aspects that can add value to the business, we added a new feature to our POS system called – MPOS actions for improved barcode scanning. With this new feature, sales clerks are able to use the camera on their mobile device to scan the item’s barcode in order to either locate it on the shelf, or receive predefined information on the item.

Watch our demo video below and learn more about this new feature first-hand.

2. New POS Editor: Simplified POS configuration and reduced load time

To significantly reduce the time it takes to set up a POS and make editing more accessible to people with little or no experience with Business Central, we’re bringing great news in this area with our new release.

In the video below, we presented the new feature for NP Retail – a New POS Editor. This feature introduces a completely new way of setting up a POS, moving the whole process of setting up buttons and actions under POS UI. This means that you won’t have to constantly switch back and forth between Business Central and the POS in order to change a button or a workflow parameter, allowing you to instantly view the changes you made. This has the effect that the configuration of the POS is significantly simplified and the loading time is reduced.

Watch our demo video below and learn more about this new feature first-hand.

3. Group codes: Group codes for the export and import of sales orders

Group codes can be predefined in Business Central and attached to POS sales. This new feature gives the user the ability to mark the POS sale that is exported from the POS to a standard sales order with a predefined group code. It allows the import of the standard sales orders to a POS Sale to be filtered by a group code.

Watch our demo video below and learn more about this new feature first-hand.

4. New MPOS Layout: Brand new and modern design for our NP Retail mobile app

Our MPOS has undergone a complete UI overhaul, and we are proud to present the new and modern design. The new MPOS has retained all of its existing functions: flexibility, speed, and mobility, at the same time improving the design of the visual elements and making it more intuitive and easier to use.

To see for yourself what the new and modern design of our NP Retail mobile app looks like, watch our demo video below.

Do you happen to have a question? We have the answer!

We hope that we have met your expectations this time as well. If you would like to know more about our new functionalities, please feel free to contact us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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