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We are very pleased to announce the release of NP Retail Version 26.0, which became available on 28 October 2023. For this version, our focus has been on changing the way sales documents are processed, allowing users to create fully customized and efficiently populated POS within a few minutes, and adapting our retail solution to the requirements of  Serbian fiscal law. Also, an additional improvement is that the POS Editor, introduced in version NP Retail 22, now supports MPOS layouts.

Let’s dive into the details of the improvements that have been designed to elevate your retail operations to the next level:

  1. POS Sale Document Background Posting
  2. POS Layout Setup Wizard
  3. MPOS Editor
  4. Serbia: Prepayment invoice posting improvements
  5. Serbia: VAT report feature

1. POS Sale Document Background Posting: Introducing seamless background posting

Enabling the POS Sale Document Background Posting in the POS Posting Profile will change how sales documents are processed. Gone are the days of waiting around for the POS sale to end – now, the posting of your sale documents will be seamlessly scheduled and performed as a background session.

This innovation reduces waiting times, providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both your customers and sales staff. Once the payment is complete and the sale concludes, your salesperson will receive a notification confirming that the document has been scheduled for posting. Meanwhile, the actual posting process will occur quietly in the background, without interrupting the flow of your sales operations.

The result? Your new POS sale can commence immediately, ensuring that you can keep serving your customers without delay.

2. POS Layout Setup Wizard: Effortless Point of Sale Setup

Designed to streamline the process of setting up your Point of Sale (POS) system, this feature empowers users to create a fully customized and efficiently populated POS within minutes. NaviPartner’s POS Wizard offers an extensive selection of pre-defined layouts tailored to different industries and languages, providing users with a comprehensive palette of choices for their POS configuration.

The beauty of these industry-specific layouts lies in their dual functionality – they serve as both inspiration and templates. For businesses seeking a personalized setup that aligns perfectly with their unique requirements, these layouts offer valuable guidance. The wizard becomes accessible once you enable the POS editor, as demonstrated in the POS Editor video.

The versatility of the POS Wizard extends to its activation methods. Users can access it in two convenient ways. If your POS has an empty layout assigned when you open it, the wizard will automatically appear, simplifying your initial configuration. Alternatively, while in edit mode, a user-friendly wizard-hat button in the upper-right corner offers another quick route to activation.

The primary advantage of the POS Wizard is its ability to expedite the POS configuration process. Watch our demo video below and learn more about this new feature first-hand.

3. MPOS Editor: Tedious manual adjustments for MPOS layouts are a thing of the past

In this version of our NP Retail solution, we are thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our POS Editor, available in version 22. This updated editor not only continues to support conventional layouts but now also seamlessly integrates with MPOS layouts. We’ve addressed the challenge of configuring the user interface from an external system, eliminating the need for users to constantly switch back and forth between the Business Central and the Point of Sale (POS) system to view applied changes. With this release, the tedious manual adjustments for MPOS layouts are a thing of the past.

Our MPOS edition is designed with a ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ approach, providing a user-friendly experience for editing MPOS layouts. When editing an MPOS layout, the Desktop POS interface will automatically adjust to mimic the appearance of a mobile device, ensuring that the changes are visually accurate. While editing can be a complex task that’s not well-suited for small screens, MPOS layouts can be conveniently configured on a laptop or desktop. The design’s look and feel on a larger screen will directly translate to the mobile device, maintaining a 1:1 ratio. Any changes made to the layout are instantly applied by reloading the MPOS.

This exciting new feature offers the same benefits as our previous editor, allowing users to edit the UI within the UI itself, eliminating the need to navigate between different systems.

4. The Serbian market: Prepayment invoice posting improvements

The prepayment feature has been adapted to support the requirement of Serbian fiscal law to post the received prepayment invoices to transitional accounts, and not directly in the vendor accounts. It is only when the final invoice is received that the values from the transitional accounts are posted to the vendor accounts.

Watch our demo video and find out firsthand how the mentioned functionality works in practice. The video is in Serbian.

5. The Serbian market: VAT report feature

In accordance with the Serbian VAT regulations, it is necessary to store the data on turnover, carry out necessary calculations, and report how much VAT the company is required to pay to Tax Authorities.

This new feature gives you the option of easily forwarding such information to the TA (Tax Authority). Each time the invoices are posted, all the accompanying information is recorded in the POPDV report, as is legally required.

The VAT report feature also provides an option of exporting the POPDV report that should be sent to TA in XML format.

Watch our demo video and find out firsthand how the mentioned functionality works in practice. The video is in Serbian.

6. Do you happen to have a question? We have the answer!

At NaviPartner, we are committed to providing the solutions and knowledge you need to thrive in the ever-evolving retail landscape. Join us on this transformative journey and discover how these new features will revolutionize your retail experience. Should you have any inquiries or wish to explore further, our team is here to provide you with the answers you seek. Let’s embrace innovation together and create a successful retail future.

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