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Navigating through operational- and IT bottlenecks can be like walking through a constantly changing maze. Ambitious attractions need a partner who can decode complexity. A partner that can help craft a simple, smooth, enjoyable experiences, ensuring that the art lovers have a pleasant experience.

Kasper ClausenSales Manager, NP Attraction

One of the standout features of NP Attractions was its unparalleled scalability, so we didn’t have second thoughts when choosing a solution.
MUNCH Museum’s unique position in the art world meant that they needed a solution capable of handling extreme fluctuations in visitor counts. We rose to the occasion, ensuring that our systems could effortlessly manage the surge of visitors during major exhibitions without compromising on performance or user experience. Our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation enabled MUNCH Museum to offer a seamless experience even during peak times.

Our NP Attractions suite proved to be the perfect match for MUNCH Museum’s ambitious goals. Comprising highly scalable SaaS products, NP Attractions empowered the museum with efficient physical and online ticket sales, member management, access control on physical turnstiles, and seamless back-office operations, including bookkeeping, ERP, and stock management. Together, we integrated these solutions seamlessly into MUNCH Museum’s existing infrastructure, ensuring a unified and cohesive visitor experience.

With the rollout of NP Attractions, MUNCH Museum took a significant leap forward in its operations. The unified commerce strategy improved guest experiences, streamlined the management process, and boosted operational efficiency, further solidifying MUNCH’s position as a world-class museum.

The transition to a new digital interface on the Optimizely platform marked a milestone. It’s the first time we deployed a completely headless Magento setup, enhancing the online user experience.
The new storefront, driven by the Magento backend, simplified and sped up the checkout process, also aligning with Norway’s legal accessibility requirements. This blend of simplicity and compliance in design meant visitors could navigate through the online platforms effortlessly, mirroring the inviting and enriching experience MUNCH offers offline.

Being part of this transformative journey with MUNCH was immensely rewarding for us.

MUNCH’s dedication to offering the best to its visitors inspired us to go above and beyond. The open communication between our teams fostered a strong partnership, allowing us to tailor our solutions to meet their unique needs while staying true to our values of innovation and accessibility.

The transformation was astounding! Not only did we witness a dramatic improvement in how operations were managed, but the feedback from our visitors was overwhelmingly positive. NaviPartner ushered a new era of visitor experience at the MUNCH Museum.

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