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NP Loyalty: Uncomplicating loyalty programs for retailers

As an integral part of the NP Retail suite, NP Loyalty is a customer-reward program designed with retailers’ business goals and challenges in mind.

NP Loyalty: Uncomplicating loyalty programs for retailers

As an integral part of the NP Retail suite, NP Loyalty is a customer-reward program designed with retailers’ business goals and challenges in mind.

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loyalty programs

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NP Loyalty is the solution for retailers seeking to create and deploy customer loyalty programs effortlessly. This module is designed to strengthen customer relationships by allowing retailers to easily design and implement loyalty programs that cater to customer preferences.

Customers can sign up with ease and gain access to a range of benefits, including unique price campaigns, loyalty point accumulation, and valuable vouchers.

With NP Loyalty, retailers have the tools to build customized loyalty programs that enhance the shopping experience and foster lasting customer loyalty.

Elevate your loyalty programs with NP Loyalty’s integration with mail marketing platforms. Imagine effortlessly extending your loyalty program into your marketing automation flows, whether you’re nurturing existing customers or reaching out to new ones. For example, you can automatically send exclusive offers to loyal customers on their birthdays or reward them with tailored discounts after reaching a certain loyalty point milestone.

This integration ensures that your loyalty program members receive not just emails, but personalized, timely, and engaging experiences that keep them coming back for more. With NP Loyalty, you have the tools to turn your mail marketing into a dynamic and results-driven engine for customer engagement.

With Heyloyalty, we provide advanced email, SMS marketing, and automation solutions for retailers and e-commerce, boosting reach, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer lifetime value.

At Navi Partner, privacy is of the utmost importance. Our module includes a robust set of GDPR compliance features to ensure your data is treated with the greatest care. From “forget me” functionality to anonymization and pseudonymization tools, we respect all relevant principles, safeguarding your customer data.

In today’s retail world, customers engage with your brand through multiple channels.

NP Loyalty recognizes this and seamlessly extends its reach to online sales channels. With this customer reward program, you can provide an omnichannel loyalty experience, guaranteeing that your customers enjoy consistent and rewarding interactions across every touchpoint.
Whether it’s online or in-store, NP Loyalty ensures that your brand loyalty remains unwavering. For those who prefer a tangible connection, NP Loyalty also supports physical member cards, offering diverse ways to engage with your brand.

Whether they are shopping online or in-store, NP Loyalty unifies all customer data into their profile. This data includes their purchase history, purchase frequency, lifetime value, preferred products, and more. This data is a valuable asset that allows you to monitor your customers’ purchasing behaviors and habits.

Using this data, retailers are now able to tailor promotions and targeted campaigns with much greater precision.

Furthermore, in addition to providing invaluable customer insights, this data serves as a powerful tool for tracking your program’s performance.


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